Mōdolo is a small product design studio.

We believe the greatest products come to life when businesses and designers collaborate on all features of a business. We are passionate about our role in helping to grow ventures new and old and to foster innovation throughout a product's life cycle.

Product identities and experiences are our bread and butter. We fuse UX/UI expertise with research, service design, industrial design, environmental design, and product positioning into an holistic, end-to-end design approach.

For the time being, our days are full at the office and we cannot accept any new projects. But we love meeting new people to talk about design! You can always get in touch and try our appetite for something amazing you are doing.

A team of two in beautiful Seattle, Washington.

Guido is a practice leader in user experience and interaction design, with an award-winning portfolio of 50+ products and brands that includes the Segway and the Roomba. Raised in Sicily and trained in Rome and Paris, Guido has 20 years of experience in product strategy, identity and service design, environmental design, architecture, and filmmaking. He works for Samsung as Director of Design & User Experience and has recently been added to the Awwwards Jury for 2018. 

Kelly is an end-to-end product designer who loves to sketch wireframes as much as she loves to create beautiful interfaces. She works at Facebook, where she explores all kinds of ways for people to have fun on Messenger video chat.