Hello Mōdolo!

We are extremely excited to launch something that has been in the works for a while now: our first joint design (ad)venture, Mōdolo!

The Reason

Because the two of us met at work and ended up designing some great stuff together, it seems only right to be working under the same umbrella again. We are both very passionate about what we do and are happiest when we're creating products that people love. Even better when we get to do it together.

The Model

We think of Mōdolo as a design collaborative rather than a design firm or an agency for a couple reasons:

1  We believe in that product development leads to stronger outcomes when designers work collaboratively with entrepreneurs, helping shape and grow new products from whiteboard to launch, and beyond.

2  While our strongest skills are in interface and interaction design, we would like to use Mōdolo to expand our work beyond the screen. We are ever curious about the gap between the digital and physical world and searching for ways to shrink it.

The Identity

The quest for a name started as an exercise in squashing words and concepts together. We wanted an identity that could balance emphasis between form and function, supporting our work in any medium.

We were quickly inspired by the word "modular." It helped visualize our thinking and had dozens of cousin words: modern, motion, mode, model, mobile, most, and more. In the end, we decided on "modolo" because of its transformative nature. It sounded dimensional, in flux, capable of perpetually reinventing itself into better and more dynamic solutions.


So without further ado, Mōdolo! We're looking forward to sharing more work soon!